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My mother has enjoyed almost 50 years of wedded bliss as the result of two ceremonies that probably cost less than 0 combined. There's only been one big wedding in my family, and I still don't know what the hell everyone was thinking.

My parents, who were both atheists, booked a Beverly Hills synagogue so a rabbi could marry my Italian sister to an Irishman. To be fair, choosing the venue is probably the hardest part of this whole exercise.

It was a small, old-fashioned place, but the back door led directly to Narnia—there was a secret enchanted park out there, ringed by flowering trees and whispering pines.

I'd never seen such a big yard in Los Angeles; there was even a small pond.

Suddenly, small gray bunnies began to appear in the grass.

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It was probably 20 feet tall and open on all sides, with a round, glittering roof.I was already starting to feel a little misty when the owner of the house appeared, and told me he'd married his late wife on that very spot. We'd found it: not just a place to get married, but a place to build a life. We arranged the furniture in our heads countless times.We were overjoyed, even though buying it would take every cent we had. We fell asleep talking about how cute the dogs would look playing in the pond and eating the koi. I stopped thinking about the wedding at all, to be honest.I told John that we should stop seeing each other, but he refused to go away.

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He spent that whole summer in my little apartment by the beach, watching over me like a superhero.

While all this brainstorming was going on, John and I found ourselves house-hunting.